Risk management services

  • Implementing risk management policies and procedures;
  • Individuals’ risk management and investment solutions;
  • Using of a wide range of risk management tools and approaches;
  • Ongoing quantitative and qualitative risk monitoring, evaluation and reporting;
  • Management of liquidity and exposures of the funds;
  • Establishing efficient escalation and reporting systems to funds’ management and supervisory bodies;
  • Identifying, assessing and managing threats to the fund’s performance and liquidity;
  • Strategic and detailed risk assessment.

Portfolio Management services

  • Active fund management approach;
  • Establishing, implementing and monitoring the funds’ investment objectives and strategies;
  • Selecting and overseeing investments that meet the financial objectives, risk tolerance, liquidity needs, time horizon and unique needs of the fund;
  • Ongoing analysis of investments to access their suitability in the fund’s strategy;
  • Rebalancing of the Fund’s investments to achieve risk/reward optimization while keeping the portfolio in line with its original risk/return profile.

Services related to Fund’s assets

  • Services necessary to meet the fiduciary duties of the AIFM;
  • Facilities management;
  • Real estate administration activities;
  • Advice to undertakings on capital structure;
  • Industrial strategy and related matters;
  • Advice and services relating to mergers and the purchase of undertakings;
  • Other services connected to the management of the AIFs and the companies and assets in which it has invested;
  • Coordination and monitoring with the investment committee and third parties;
  • Coordination with auditor, financial and tax authorities.

Administration services

  • Legal and fund management accounting services;
  • Customer inquiries;
  • Valuation and pricing, including tax returns;
  • Regulatory compliance monitoring;
  • Maintenance of unit-/shareholder register;
  • Distribution of income;
  • Unit/shares issues and redemptions;
  • Contract settlements, including certificate dispatch;
  • Record keeping.


  • Smart fundraising and funding of projects;
  • Smart structuring of projects;
  • Advising investors and promoters in structuring their investment ideas;
  • Other services related to the management of financial assets.